The idea behind this blog.

10 Mar

Sure what the world needs is yet another food/BBQ blog. My whole purpose behind creating this blog is basically pretty simple. To HAVE FUN!!! I’m going to do my best not to worry over views, and comments, and general perception. Some of the other things I’m looking to do with my blog is to share what I do AND how I do it. That will include recipes and techniques. I’m guessing it will be primarily a BBQ blog. However my passion for food and cooking run much deeper than that. You will occasionally see post on baking, stove top cooking, but mostly good ol’ live fire cooking.

It’s my plan (let’s all see if I really do it) to not only publish my successes but my failures as well. Because my philosophy when it comes to cooking is when all else fails have the nearest pizza joint on speed dial. And boy do I have some true stories that I plan on breaking out in the near future. Stories like the times (twice) we all most caught the Jeep on fire, the hot pad incident, and the “Great chipolte fire”. We all do it, make mistakes, so there’s no since in my trying to hide it.

Now a note: This is a family friendly blog. I will tolerate post with the occasional “Rated R” profanity, but once you cross the line…. your post will be GONE faster than a rack of ribs on a fat man’s plate.

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