Family portrait on a plate also known as Easter dinner.

10 Apr
Family portrait on a plate also known as Easter dinner.

If you know me, then you will know that I’m a very traditional and family oriented man. There’s nothing I love more than when two of my passions come together. This time it was cooking and family. Like most normal families we can’t do anything normal, especially when my daughter Dawn is involved. The Easter dinner menu was: Apricot glazed ham, bacon wrapped asparagus, fresh homemade yeast rolls, egg noodles and mashed potatoes, with Easter cupcakes for dessert. So it was only logical (according to Dawn) that we stop at Burger King for burgers BEFORE dinner.

Once home from church with clothes changed, it was time to fire up the UDS  for the 10lb ham. Smoking a ham is about as simple as it gets. The only thing to remember is most hams come “pre-smoked”. If your like me you can barely taste the smoke so it  never hurts to hit it again with a little more smoke. A word of caution here, go EASY on the smoke or it will taste like your eating an ashtray. Also keep in mind a ham is pretty much pre-cooked so all your really doing is adding flavor and reheating.

While working on the ham, my son, Aaron, began getting things ready to make his bacon wrapped asparagus.

After thoroughly washing the asparagus he then snapped off the tough ends at the bottom, just above where they changed from white to green.

Then it was just a matter of simply wrapping the bacon around small groups of asparagus, and tying it with a little kitchen string.

With the asparagus wrapped in bacon and the ham smoking away.

My wife and daughter were busy in the kitchen. Candy (my wife) busy making yeast rolls and Dawn was in full blown cupcake mode.

Now it’s just a matter of timing, for Aaron and I. When my wife gave us the hour to go call, Aaron lit his chimney starter and got his grill ready, by oiling the grate. Once  he had a nice glow to his coals, he dumped them and set them up for direct grilling. Giving his coals about 10 minutes to even out and spacing them well, he was now ready to place his asparagus on the grill.

While he was doing this I prepared the apricot ham glaze and began warming it on the UDS.

Here’s the ham after a few coats, with the glaze staying warm on the UDS.

I used a real scientific method for coating the ham. Aaron would turn his asparagus about every seven minutes and when he did I’d add another layer of glaze to the ham. I’m thinking of all the family I had the easiest cook.


With the ham and asparagus done, and my wife and daughter done in the kitchen it was now time for easter dinner. Like our meal our family came together. My dinner plate was in it’s own way an Easter family portrait.   Ham smoked by me, asparagus grilled by my son, yeast rolls, mashed potatoes, and egg noodles by my wife and daughter. Then there was Dawn’s cupcakes (not pictured). Family, don’t eat dinner without them.

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