It was a full blown Peep Palooza!

11 Apr
It was a full blown Peep Palooza!

As I posted the other day our Easter dinner was a rather full one, with everybody pitching in. I also mentioned that the only normal thing about us, is that, there is, NOTHING normal about us, especially when our daughter Dawn is involved. That would be her my 21 year old daughter in the feature picture.

It was just after we had finished our dinner, dishes were done and put away. My wife Candy was almost asleep on the sofa, my son had settled in for a little TV, and I had begun to write my blog about Easter dinner. When IT happened. Dawn had sent out a tweet saying “whoever wants to come over for peep smores come on over.” My wife and I looked at our phones, and quickly agreed “meh, nothing will come of it.” WRONG!!! Within a matter of minutes her phone was ringing, and thirty minutes later  my backyard was full of family, friends and loved ones. Nothing could be better.

As soon as we saw that we had a full blow Peep palooza about to happen, it was time for me and my faithful wing man to spring into action. Quickly, we began by, lighting a chimney starter full of Kingsford charcoal, and setting up our work area.

For peep smores you’ll need to set the grill up for indirect grilling, placing the lit  charcoal on the opposite side of your cooking area. From here it’s pretty basic. Graham cracker, chocolate bar, PEEP. Try to keep them as far from the fire as possible. We were able to cook about 12 at a time. Which doesn’t matter, seeing as your only cooking them for about 2 minutes. Do yourself a favor, don’t try and cook them with the second graham cracker on the top, make that the last thing you do before removing them from the grill.

Once the peeps begin to swell up like a pregnant lady retaining water, they’re done.

  Not exactly one of my better platting jobs.

Now just smash another graham cracker on it, and serve while still warm.

Here’s how a true peep smore pro eats them. Notice not even a drop of chocolate was wasted.

One question how can you NOT have fun eating smores made of roasted cute little bunnies?

Sisters that eat peep smores together…… tend to…… well actually I have no clue. But for the first time in history not a single one of the Mills girls was talking.

I want to give a special thanks to Sandy Faust (pictured on the left) for the photos. Without her this would of been a rather boring picture-less blog.

  As my father-in-law Harry Mills use to say at the end of such an evening “And a good time was had by all”

Keep in mind as your out there grilling or cooking or smoking, remember what you cook isn’t nearly as important as WHO you cook it with. HAVE FUN!!!

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