Sometimes the best cook, is no cook at all.

19 Apr
Sometimes the best cook, is no cook at all.

We knew it needed doing, but we put it off as long as possible. Not because we were lazy, nor because we didn’t love our grills, not even because the ol’ UDS was big and difficult to wrestle. What was “it”, you ask? It was time to clean the grills and smoker. The reason for putting it off was a rather simple and good reason. It was a “grime” of passion. You see, when your cleaning, you ain’t cooking. I had way too many ideas and recipes floating around in my head, to take a weekend off of cooking, to do that which needed doing. However your food is ONLY as good as your equipment is clean. And we run our equipment pretty hard sometimes. It’s not all that uncommon for us to have 18-20 total hours in cooking on any given weekend. With normal smokes going 12 hours or better each.


As you can see the creosote build-up was pretty severe on both of the Weber lids. Creosote is mostly a build-up of smoke. However on the lids of grills and smokers, as the grease drops onto the hot coals it is vaporized (giving us that unique flavor we can only get from grilling and smoking). What vaporized grease that doesn’t attach it’s self to the food or escape out of the vents, attaches it’s self to the lid. After a while, your food will take on a not so wonderful flavor of old smoke and rancid grease.

As you can see the lids were not the only things that needed attention. We were well  past how long we normally let our equipment go without a good ol’ scrubbing.

First we needed to scrape as much of the build up off as possible. Let me just say Weber lids are a lot tougher than you realize. After about an hour of heavy-duty scrubbing we were finally able to get all the build-up off.


From here it got much easier. Now all that was left was to load them up and head down to the car wash, to power wash them.

First we began by washing the grills and UDS.

Then on to the lids. Be sure to prop these against something, or they’ll go shooting across the way, and your wing man has to run across the parking lot and get them. It doesn’t matter how we know this, just trust us.

Now just load ’em up, take ’em home and unpack them.

Just look at the shine on those ladies now. They could almost pass for new.

We still need to add a couple of coats of paint to the UDS, and do a little work on it’s firebox. But at least we’re able to cook, and cook well now.

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