The lowly hot dog, it’s ok to smoke ’em.

25 Apr
The lowly hot dog, it’s ok to smoke ’em.

In full discloser this “cook” was the result of work I’m doing for a future blog, on lighting a charcoal grill.

There is probably nothing looked down upon, in the epicurean world more than the lowly hot dog. The BBQ world scoffs at them, you’ll never find them at any high end restaurant, few people will even admit to liking them. Yet every year millions are grilled. What would a family cookout be without the “lowly hot dog”? I must admit, only secretly though, that I too enjoy a good wiener.

Anybody and everybody with a grill, has grilled a package of hot dogs, upon more than one occasion. Not a lot of talent needed here, seeing as hot dogs come pre-cooked. Your just basically re-heating an already cooked meat. What I’m suggesting is, instead of grilling them the same ol’ way as everybody else, why not add a slight twist, with little or no added time, or skill? Trust me on this one, you will be happy with the results.

First thing is you’ll need is a little smoke. You can pick up a bag of wood chunks at about any “big box” store. Shouldn’t cost you much, and you’ll get a lot of miles out of it. You begin to find more and more uses for it.

Next you will need to set your grill up for indirect grilling. By placing your coals on the opposite side of the area that you will be cooking on, adding one or two wood chunks directly to the coals. Your not going to need much, remember it is, after all hot dogs. For this cook I went with just one wood chunk.

Now just add wieners. About 8 minutes or so per side you should just about do it.

And here they are finishing up. You’ll get that wonderful “campfire” hot dog flavor without having to build a full blown campfire or bonfire.

So go ahead, have a little fun with the lowly hot dog, enjoy yourself and maybe even surprise your guest with a nice change of flavor, instead of the same ol’ same ol’.

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