Grilled Stuffed Breakfast Peppers

01 Jul
Grilled Stuffed Breakfast Peppers

Too hot to grill? Don’t feel like standing out in 95f weather or hotter just to cook dinner? Well don’t abandon your grill just because of the heat. Change when you cook. There are few greater pleasures than lighting a chimney starter in the cool of the early morning, grabbing a cup of coffee, and watching the world start it’s day. That’s just what my son and I did this morning. We decided to grill breakfast. So we went with Grilled Stuffed Breakfast Peppers. I got the idea from my friend from Rantings of an Amateur Chef. He’d re-blogged “Stuffed Breakfast Peppers”. And you know me I just figured well shoot we can do that on the Weber.

Now I’m not going to tell you what to put in them other than eggs. What you put in them is about as personal of a decision as what kind of underwear you prefer. However we  figured it came out to about two eggs per pepper. Also on pepper selection, the red and yellow was much tastier than the green. Pay attention here, when selecting your peppers be very conscious of the bottoms, make certain they set level. I was in Meijer picking out peppers and setting them on a flat shelf, looked a little strange but it payed off this morning.

With the farmer’s markets in full swing, and fresh produce starting to come in and fresh produce coming down on price it’s wide open what you can do with these little beauties.

For ours we went with what you see above. Green onions, jalapenos, ham, an extra red pepper, and cheddar cheese. Next time I’m going to to with sausage that I’ll pre-smoke, instead of the ham.

We began by whisking six eggs until well combined.  Then we chopped and mixed all the ingrediants of our choice in a large bowl with the eggs.

Next we removed the tops and the seed pods from the peppers.

After that we used a ladle, to ladle our stuffing mix into the peppers. Careful here, don’t overflow them, and keep in mind the eggs will expand slightly as they cook. About an 1/8 inch head space will be fine.

Then carefully move them to a hot grill that you have set up for indirect cooking with the coals divided in half and set up on both sides. Place the stuffed peppers directly in the middle. By doing this turning them should be unnecessary.

Now simply cook until the egg is firm and set, about 30-45 minutes. This is a good time to grab that 2nd cup of coffee and enjoy the sounds of the morning doves.

Once it’s done, garnish, plate and serve.

IMPORTANT NOTE HERE: Peppers don’t take to well to smoke, it tends to give them a bitter taste so if your thinking a little smoke will do it good you might want to rethink that one.

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One response to “Grilled Stuffed Breakfast Peppers

  1. Greg Mills

    July 1, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    Can’t wait to try them!



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