Bourbon Burger

10 Mar
Bourbon Burger

Over the next several months, or longer, I’m going to be looking for my “signature burger”. I’m not looking for anything kitschy like my stuffed burger, or adding avocados, or pineapple, or peanut butter (yes I’ve had one, yes it’s as bad as it sounds, and it cost me $10 to boot). I’m just looking for a nice full flavored burger, that features the flavor of the meat and maybe a nice hint of smoke, to call my own.

Our first stop on the road to The Perfect Burger, is The Bourbon Burger.

bourbon burger and toppings

We kept the toppings pretty basic on this so as not to hide the complex flavors of the burger. It had a fantastic bourbon flavor that played in the background of the overall sandwich. I’d certainly recommend using your good bourbon for this, it only calls for 1Tbls of bourbon so it’s not going to drain your bottle, and it’s well worth it.

ingr for bourbon burgers

The ingredient list is pretty short and simple. You can easily multiply them as needed. Here I’m just giving you what you need for two burgers.

 Yield 2 Bourbon Burgers 

1/2 lb 80/20 ground beef (80/20 is the ideal meat to fat ratio for great burgers, leaner makes them dryer, more fat and they shrink on the grill)

1 Tbls of bourbon

2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

2 tsp brown sugar

2 tsp steak seasoning/rub

1/2 tsp garlic salt

Toppings of your choice

Buns (did I really need to list this???)

Begin by placing all of your ingredients in a bowl minus the hamburger, whisk until well mixed. Then add the hamburger and mix by hand until well incorporated. Next and key here, place in the refrigerator to chill while lighting your grill. By cooling the mix you will allow it to “set up” and it will be MUCH easier to form the patties.

direct grill setup

Meanwhile set your grill up for direct grilling, meaning you’re basically going to cook directly over your fire.

bourbon burger balls                mms_picture (85)

I have found for the best results, begin by forming your meat into a softball or baseball size ball, then gently pressing it down with the palm of your hand to form the patty. I figured if it worked for Julia Child, it was good enough for me.

bourbon burgers on the grill

Now just gently place them on the grill and cook 6 minutes per side.

lid down for bourbon burgers

Due to the alcohol and fat from the beef, I would DEFINITELY recommend cooking with the lid down/on to avoid nasty flair ups.

bourbon bourger and Tabasco onion rings

Here we served them on simple buns with lettuce tomato, sweet onions and mayo, along side some homemade Tabasco Onion rings. Note the onion rings are still a recipe in development that we will blog once we feel it’s worthy.

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