Tex-Mex stuffed poblanos

17 Mar
Tex-Mex stuffed poblanos

I have had an incredible craving lately for enchiladas from my favorite Mexican haunt. However with work being what it is I haven’t been able to get there and satisfy this craving. So what originally set out to be an enchilada recipe some how morfed into a Tex-Mex stuffed poblanos. It was mind blowing good.


1 roasted chicken (you’ll have leftovers for tacos, burritos, etc… for another day)

3 cups shredded cheese of your choice

2 4oz cans of mild green chilies

4-6 poblano chilis

2-3 cups of BBQ sauce of your preference.

Quick Look:

Roast poblanos, then stuff with mixture of chicken, shredded cheese, chilies, and BBQ sauce. Then place stuffed chilies on grill and cook indirect.

How we did it:

mms_picturek (2)

We began by slow smoking a chicken over a combination of hickory and cherry. Of course you could save a little time (ok A LOT of time) and buy a rotisserie chicken from your local market. The pepper you see here in this picture is simply a test pepper.

poblanos on the uds

If you smoked your chicken, while it rest, roast your poblanos using the indirect method. Here it looks like we’re using the direct method however this is on our UDS, so the fire is well away from the peppers. All we’re looking for here is to make the peppers pliable.

While the peppers rest begin shredding your chicken, and placing it in a bowl.

mms_picture6 (2)

mms_picture7 (2) mms_picture8 (2)

mms_picture9 (2)  mms_picturea (3)

Then add your cheese, chilies, and BBQ sauce mixing well after adding each ingredient.

Once you have your ingredients are ready, it’s  back to the peppers.

mms_picturec (2)

Begin by gently removing the skins from the peppers along with the seed pod, rinse under cold water to remove any stray seeds. Then make a small slit in them. If you tear your pepper don’t worry, we tore a couple of them on the way to making this blog, it doesn’t affect the taste one bit, and it’s easy enough to hide.

mms_pictured (2)

Next make a torpedo of your stuffing slightly smaller than the pepper it’s being placed in and gently slip it into the pepper and overlap the sides to hide the slit.

mms_picturef (2)

As you can see here we had some tear.

Then off to the grill. As you can see we cooked these INDIRECT.

mms_pictureh (2)

About 15-20 minutes should do ya quite fine, and no we don’t flip these.

h (2)

What you’re looking for is the cheese to be melted and the chicken warmed through.

Then simply plate in true Tex-Mex fashion, with Spanish rice, tomatoes and of course Jalapenos, adobe, taco, and or hot sauce.

stuffeed problanos plated



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2 responses to “Tex-Mex stuffed poblanos

  1. Recruited Texan

    November 16, 2015 at 6:24 am

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • mrdodd

      November 16, 2015 at 6:56 am

      I’m glad you found it and hope that you enjoy it.



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