Hanbanero Compound Butter

06 Oct
Hanbanero Compound Butter

I seem to be on a hot pepper jag that just won’t quit, it’s affecting my cooking and thus my blog.

My dad was a “chili head” and thus by birth and upbringing I too am I “chili head”. I got the monkey off my back for a few years when I had to lay off due to health reasons, but when Dad got his hands on some ghost pepper plants I needed to start raising my tolerances again. Now I can’t get enough of that wonderful heat.

This year Dad’s habanero plants came in strong and bountiful. With WAY more than even he knew what to do with he sent me a 2 gallon freezer bag and my mind began to go completely nuts with ideas.

mms_picture (26)

So I present for your approval Habanero Compound Butter.

What you will need:

1 Stick of butter (if you use salted butter you may not need to add salt)

1 Habanero as finely minced as you can

1 Tbls of fresh minced cilantro

1 Clove of garlic rosted and finely minced

A pinch of salt to taste.

How you do it:

Begin by setting your butter out to soften and come to room temperature.

While letting your butter soften, toast your garlic over medium heat turning often to keep from burning until it’s soft and lightly browned.

Mince your habanero.

Mince your toasted garlic.

Mince your cilantro.

Place butter in a mixing bowl, add the garlic, habanero, and cilantro.

Mix until well combined.

Taste, add salt as necessary a little at time, mixing and tasting after each addition.

Then simply wrap and in plastic wrap and refrigerate, or serve in a small bowl soft.

What to expect:

Not an intense, light you up heat but a nice subtle burn that lets you know it’s there, with a hint of garlic.

What to do with it:

This would be AWESOME on just about any grilled meat or vegetable. I can definitely see us melting a pat of it on a pork chop as it grills, or spreading it on a ear of corn, or maybe melted over some fresh grilled asparagus.

Roasting the  garlic in my black iron pan.

mms_picture (27)


Habaneros minced and ready:




Cilantro all minced and ready to go.

mms_picture (34)


Butter all done and ready for wrapping or serving as a soft spread.

mms_picture (31)


Compound butter wrapped in plastic as close as we can to normal stick form.

mms_picture (33)


So next time you fire up your grill give it a little “pep” you’ll be glad you did.

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