Game Day Grub

01 Feb
Game Day Grub

We over here at The BBQ World Of mrdodd do a LOT of BBQing and a LOT of grilling. Some we just do for fun, some for competition, and some just to see how far we can push the envelope. But where we come into our own, or our forte if you will, is game day grub. Or what we like to call football food. Every recipe has to meet strict quality standards and criteria before it’s ever introduced at Tailgate Town.

Here is a list of the criteria it must meet.

It must be good

It can not be too healthy

It must be able to be completely prepared in under 2 hours OR

It must be able to be made ahead to travel, and re-heat well.

It must be able to be consumed using ONLY disposable items.

So if your throwing a game day party, or traveling to a game day party here’s a few of my favorite recipes.

mms_picture (9)

Nothing say game day like a big pot of  Smokey Chili. You can…. and should make this one ahead of time. Place it in the fridge and let the flavors meld for a day, then simply reheat/cook for about an hour before you plan to serve it. 


If you want to do something other than wings, might I suggest  A Talegate Town Approved Buffalo Chicken Sandwich . If you want to make this ahead, simply smoke the chicken, reheat it on stove top or crock pot and add your sauce.


The (Almost Traditional) Philly Beef Steak Sandwich may be a little more of a challenge in the colder climes, However made on a couple of large loaves of bread, and sliced into snack sandwiches it’s going to be a hit.

mms_picture (32)

There’s always that one person at a party that no matter how spicy it is, it’s not hot enough for them. Everybody else is doing jalapeno poppers, why not mix it up a little with Habanero Bombs?

chees ball platted

Need a cheese ball? Nothing marries together better than this tri-fecta of cheese, smoke, and….. wait for it…… BACON! It’ll take a little effort to cold smoke the cheese, or if you don’t have the time or inclination you can buy it, just don’t tell me you did. The Apple Smoked Cheddar and Bacon Cheese Ball is always a crowd pleaser.

smokey queso dip

What’s a game day party without nachos? And what do nachos need EVERYTHING!!!! And what do you smother that EVERYTHING with? Cheese sauce. Why not take the flavor up a notch with Smokey Queso Dip? This sauce can be made ahead and re-heated in a crock pot, so it travels well.

perfect sausages

What’s a game day party without grilled brats or sausages? Don’t be the guy that serves them burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. Here’s the tips you need to cook the perfect sausage or brat. Cooking the perfect sausage.

Early morning pork butt

Finally I leave you with what may quite simply be the most perfect crowd pleaser, pulled pork. This is the most economical way to feed a large (or small) group of people, it can be made ahead, it holds well, and it’s not really that hard to do. How anybody can smoke butt and pull pork

So have fun, be safe, enjoy the game, the friends, and family. And yes you can have fun and be safe.

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